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It can be intimidating to do a remodeling job. That’s why our bathroom reglazing and bathroom refinishing services are so great! We take the worry of all the work off your shoulders and we do this for a very good price. We can give you a quote for any level of job. From doing only a bathtub reglazing or doing a bathtub reglazing and surface restoration an entire bathroom refinishing in Los Angeles, we can give a quote for the work.

Bathtub refinishing and bathroom refinishing is an investment in your home. Many of our customers will do a bathtub reglazing and surface restoration in the bathroom of a home they are selling. The beautiful, shining, new-looking surfaces of tub refinishing or tub reglazing tell prospective buyers that your home has been well cared for. Refinishing a tub and refinishing a shower along with a reglazed sink can make a bathroom sparkle. Refinishing a tub cost must less that replacing one, so getting a quote from us isn’t nearly as intimidating as getting a quote from a remodeling firm.

The cost of bathtub reglazing in Los Angeles is no different from the cost of bathtub reglazing in Silver Lake. To us, it’s what’s involved with in glazing the tub, not where the tub is located. It doesn’t matter to us if the service is bathroom reglazing in Los Angeles or bathtub refinishing in Silver Lake, our quotes are based upon the refinishing work we will be doing, not the income level of the neighborhood.

Our quotes range from a basic bathtub refinishing to refinishing all of the surfaces in a home, we believe that we can save you a lot of money by doing away with the need for a complete remodel and simply doing reglazing and refinishing. Tub cost for reglazing can usually be quoted over the phone. Some quotes require that we visit your home to accurately assess the needs of the job. Whatever the case, you can be confident that Bryan’s Reglazing will give you the best quote possible while still providing the absolute best in quality work.

We also offer a free reglazing estimation on our site. By simply filling in the fields with the surface or item that needs reglazing, the material and the color, we can give you an estimate for making your kitchen or bathroom feel brand new. And if you have questions, were happy to answer those as well. Feel free to pick up the phone and give us all call. We’ll give a quote that will bring that sparkle back to your home AND your wallet!