Bryan’s Reglazing provides the best services for the best prices in our area. We have more than 15 years of experience in bathtub reglazing and overall bathroom refinishing. Among other things, we are experts in bathtub reglazing. Los Angeles is our major area of service for bathtub reglazing, Silver Lake is another.

Tub reglazing is just one of our services–we do so much more at Bryan’s Reglazing! Whether it’s glazing a tub or an entire bathroom reglazing, our technicians use their expertise to provide the best bathroom reglazing in Los Angeles. Bathtub Reglazing and surface restoration has been a specialty of ours since we began our business. All those years of experience allow us to give you—our customers—a bathtub reglazing and surface restoration that you’ll be 100% pleased with! Not only will you be pleased with the refinishing, the tub cost for replacing the tub can be cut from your budget.

Bathtub refinishing and bathroom refinishing are some of our most popular jobs. We like helping our customers renew the looks of their bathroom. Ranging from refinishing a tub to refinishing a shower, we aim to give you a bathroom you can be proud of, and one that you enjoy yourself as well. Along with our experience in bathtub refinishing, we also refinish tiled surfaces, countertops, and showers. Our service is quick and professional. Our skilled technicians visit your home, complete the tub refinishing, and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful bath room the very next day!

Bryan’s Reglazing began more than a decade ago as a family owned and operated business. And it continues as a family business today. That’s the main reason we’re so conscious of providing great service for our customers. It’s because we’re proud of our family AND our company. The two go hand-in-hand.

Our company ethics are as good as our expertise. Because we know we’re giving you a top-of-the-line product applied with skilled application, we offer a five-year guarantee for our work. The other great aspect of Bryan’s Reglazing is our great value. No matter what area you live in, everything from bathroom refinishing in Los Angeles to bathtub refinishing in Silver Lake, we give you the best services along with great prices for refinishing. Tub cost can vary with the quality of the tub but we can make your tub look like new for a very reasonable price.

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